How to create interactive doodle videos in minutes!

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Your timing couldn’t be better: according to pretty much every Internet marketing expert, videos are going to be THE best tool in your kit for 2016.

Using a video can easily double your conversions… and an interactive sketch video can triple them or more. Whatever you call it – whiteboard animation, doodle, sketch – these videos are one of the hottest trends online today because they reliably engage and convert audiences.

Easy Sketch Pro was the top interactive doodle video creator for 2015, and with all the new features I’ve added I expect this year will be just as great.

And with the power to create super-converting, interactive videos for your offers in minutes, 2016 could be your biggest year ever. Heck, lots of users are going out and creating animated video’s for local businesses, and they love it! You could literally become a savior for local business marketing and earn a boatload in the process!

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PS – remember, the important thing about marketing videos is engagement. Interactivity is a big deal because it engages audiences – Easy Sketch Pro makes it simple to add live links and more to your videos, encouraging viewers to pay close attention to your offer… and click when you want them to.follow this link